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Whole House Surge Protectors

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The purpose of a whole home surge protector is to safeguard all of your home’s electronics and appliances from a power surge that can potentially destroy these devices and cause harm to your home. A whole home surge protector limits the excess electrical current by blocking the flow or shorting it entirely. If you want to protect your home from these surges you can count on PowerMaster Electric for your whole home surge protection.

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Why Consider Whole House Surge Protection?

Power surges can occur when there is a disruption in the electrical flow which makes the voltage spike. Appliances, devices, and lighting that are high energy are a few common causes of these power surges. A power surge can have a negative impact on your appliances and electronics by shortening the lifespan of them drastically or it can even cause a fire.

  • Protects The Entire Home
  • Protects and Increases The Life of Your Electronics and Appliances
  • Saves Money By Reducing Wasted Energy
  • Comes With A Warranty
  • Includes Insurance Policy For Peace Of Mind

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

PowerMaster Electric has a team of highly trained electricians ready to install your whole home surge protection. You, your belongings, and homes safety are a top priority when installing your new surge protector and is on our mind from start to finish. We will evaluate your individual circumstances to make sure we have a surge protection plan that best fits your needs.

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At PowerMaster Electric we know how costly it can be to have to repair or replace expensive electronics and appliances from a power surge incident. That’s why we take our whole house surge protection installations seriously because we know we are protecting your hard-earned devices. Don’t let a power surge disrupt your home, let the professionals install your new surge protector today.

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