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Electrical issues aren’t just a nuisance, they can also be a hazard. If you need an electrical subpanel, use the experts at PowerMaster Electric to get the job done. Whether you need a subpanel installed, replaced, or repaired our extensively trained team are here for you and are ready to handle any project, big or small. We care about your safety, your home, and YOU. Choose PowerMaster Electric and choose 100% satisfaction and transparency guaranteed.

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What Is An Electrical Subpanel? Do I Need One?

An electrical subpanel is an expansion of the current main electrical panel. Subpanels are useful when you use a large amount of electricity. Some families add an electrical subpanel when they are adding new devices or appliances such as a hot tub’s, large electrical kitchen equipment, or a pool. Adding an electrical subpanel does not add more power but it does give you a more efficient and manageable electrical service running to other parts of your home.

So, are you wanting to add a new circuit but don’t have room in your existing panel? Are you having a hot tub or pool installed? Adding more or large electrical equipment to your home? You may need an electrical subpanel. Give PowerMaster Electric a call today to discuss your unique situation.

Sure, it is easy to shortcut and overload your current panel, but that can end up being costly. According to the Electric Safety Foundation: “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that electrical receptacles are involved in 5,300 fires every year, causing forty deaths and more than 100 consumer injuries.” Adding an electrical subpanel may cost more up front, but it is a well-worth investment for your home or business.

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Electrical components are one of the most important parts of your electrical system. We are here to maintain, repair or replace any components that are not working in top shape. We are here to offer courteous and professional services to households across the Raleigh area and are trained to handle any problem that comes are way on the very first visit. You can trust that your time is being taken seriously.

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