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Recessed lighting has been gaining popularity over the years in new homes and home remodels. These lights are installed in the ceiling of the home and can only been seen by the trim of the light housing in the ceiling itself. These lights are a bit more complicated to install then others with extensive wiring which is why it is important to have a licensed professional like PowerMaster Electric. Our team is highly trained, licensed and insured to handle your new recessed lighting installation project.

Soft, ambient lighting in a cozy bedroom corner installed by PowerMaster Electrics

Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting is a great addition to dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms to create ambient lighting with no loss of clearance. Having recessed lighting means that you can customize your lighting experience by dimming and brightening your lighting on demand to fit the mood and time of day.

According to the American Lighting Association: “Recessed lighting can provide general, task and ambient lighting in a very subtle manner.

Installed in the ceiling with only the trim showing, recessed fixtures can be used anywhere in the home, including outdoors, under eaves and on porches. They are ideal for any type of ceiling, including tall ceilings, shorter ceilings and sloped ceilings.

They are available as downlights for ambient and track lighting, and as adjustable accent lights or wall washers for accent lighting.”

Benefits of recessed lighting include:

  • Illuminates your home without needing a light fixture
  • Makes low ceilings appear higher
  • Provide room-wide lighting
  • Most are waterproof, perfect for inside showers
  • Always in style

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