For Home Use

Whole House
Monitoring Available

$10,000 – $14,000
For Most Standard Installations

Partial House
Pad Mounted Monitoring Available

$6,000 – $9,000
For Most Standard Installations

Luck Out

$1,000 – $4,500
For Most Standard Installations

Choosing The Right Generator

Generators come in a handful of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right generator is more than just walking into a store and grabbing one off the shelf. Knowing which type, wattage, price, and more can factor into your decision. Give us a call to speak with a qualified electrician who can help you determine what generator will cover your needs, configure a plan of action and make sure your family is covered when the power goes out. PowerMaster Electric is the #1 dealer for generators in Raleigh and has been installing generators around Raleigh for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of families get situated with the best generators around.

The Electric Safety Foundation says: “Using a Transfer Switch prevents backfeeding. This occurs when your generator becomes a power source for the area and can damage your home, your neighbor’s homes and injure workers trying to restore power.” When PowerMaster Electric handles the installation of your new generator we always include the transfer switch on our home generator systems to help keep you and those around you safe. We also warranty our systems and want to make sure you have the peace of mind you need to never have to worry about your power going out again.

We Are On Time Every Time

If you’re in need of electrical services, play it safe and leave it to the certified professionals at PowerMaster Electric.

Financing Your Generator

Whether you are looking for a portable generator, a partial house generator, or a whole house generator, Powermaster has options to help you get exactly what you want without breaking the bank. Check out our page on your financing options or give us a call at 919-557-4477 to talk with a generator professional about your options!

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