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Indoor Lighting Installation

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Indoor Lighting Installation

Enhance Your Indoor Space With Our Indoor Lighting Services

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We have an entire team that specializes in indoor lighting installation services to help you meet home design goals! We know that indoor lighting is a vital part of your homes décor and making sure they are installed correct and safely is important. Whether it’s a small project or whole house interior lighting, PowerMaster Electric is ready for the job with your total satisfaction guaranteed every time.

Do you want new indoor lighting installed in your home or office? Talk to one of our skilled electricians today!

Interior Lighting Installations

Are you looking to save energy or customize your homes aesthetics by adding interior lighting? The team at PowerMaster Electric is ready to accommodate your project no matter what the size is. We have flexible scheduling such as evening and weekend hours to fit into your calendar.

For indoor lighting the American Lighting Associations suggests: "To avoid over-lighting an open floor plan, think in layers: ambient, task, and accent lighting. The first layer, ambient lighting, provides the general lighting for the space. Recessed, linear, flush mounts or similar fixtures are good choices here, serving an ambient source of light and helping to guide the flow from room to room.

Next, select task lighting. In the kitchen, choose fixtures that direct light onto countertops, islands, cooking surfaces, and other work areas. Undercabinet tape and puck lighting, track lighting, pendant lighting, and even recessed lighting are excellent selections, as they will give the ideal amount of light to complete tasks safely and efficiently.

In the dining area, use pendants and chandeliers to provide light for dining, homework, and other tasks that take place at the table. Try large pendants or chandeliers to highlight the kitchen island or dining table and give vertical definition to those spaces. In the living area, choose statement-making fixtures to define the area, create intimacy, and add drama.

Finally, add a layer of accent lighting, such as wall sconces in the dining area, and table and floor lamps in the living room to give comfort and a soft ambiance. Remember to take note of electrical outlets in the lighting plan for placing plug-in light fixtures."

Different types of lighting you can install in your home or business include:
Lighting For A Media Room – Media rooms with ambient lighting
Recessed Lighting – Lighting that is installed in hollow openings inside your ceiling
Lighting for Art – Highlight your artwork with focal point lighting
Pendant Lights – Hanging lights in homes with lofty ceilings. Normally seen in stairways and kitchens

Why Choose LED Lighting?

Lighting is an important part of your homes looks and functionality. That’s why the leading interior designers are now leaning towards using LED lighting more and more often. LED lighting has become a number one choice for homeowners because it provides wonderful energy saving benefits. LED bulbs also simulate natural lighting better than any other bulbs on the market which is easier on your eyes and is more attractive.

LED lighting is also very flexible, they can be places in strips in recessed shelves, along the ground and behind televisions. Strip LED lighting can be used to make your home safer and enhance your homes style. Some more expensive strip LED lighting can even change colors to your preference on demand. LED lighting is so versatile that it can fit into whatever look you are going for.

LED lighting saves energy, which in the long run saves you money. They don’t produce any heat, which is proof of how energy efficient they truly are. Additionally, they last significantly longer than traditional bulbs too which lowers the cost of replacements you will need to purchase for your home.

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