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A lot of homeowner’s disregards or forget their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors which leave them at risk for potentially deadly consequences. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to these hazards and let PowerMaster Electric do the work. We install ionization alarms that warn you about flames in the home and photoelectric that warns you about fires that are smoldering. It is highly recommended to have both in the home. As a landlord, it is also important to keep these alarms in your rental homes to protect your tenants and potential legal actions from not having them.

Why Do I Need A Smoke Detector?

65% of home fire deaths are in homes without smoke detectors or proper working smoke detectors. These deaths could have potentially been prevented with proper smoke detectors installed throughout the home.

89% of carbon monoxide poisonings take place at home. Even if it is a small leak, just after 1 hour of exposure you can lose consciousness. Don’t take a chance, let the professionals at PowerMaster Electric secure your home.

Why Choose PowerMaster Electric?

There are many reasons to choose PowerMaster Electric as your electrician for all your electrical needs. We are here to be your trustworthy and honest neighborhood electrician that you can count on day or night for all things electrical.

According to the National Fire Protection Association: "Smoke detectors need to be functionally tested annually to ensure there is an alarm response when smoke is introduced into the chamber. This means that artificial smoke needs to be used to make sure the smoke detectors are working properly, the use of a magnet to test a smoke detector is not an acceptable functional test because it only tests the circuitry and does not ensure that smoke entering the chamber will trigger a response. If you have the testing completed by a contractor you should work with them to ensure that their annual functional test includes the introduction of smoke and not a magnet."

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