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Are you having problems with your generator? We have a team that you can count on. Our team has been trained on a verity of brands like Generac, Cummins, Blue Star, Onan (whole house only) and more. Whether you need work on an existing generator, install a whole house generator or need electrical hookups for your portable generator, we are ready to assist.

Generator Installations

Acts of nature or man can cause power outages throughout the year and sometimes can last days or even weeks. Having a generator installed is a great way to have a backup solution for power. Having a generator means your AC stays running, your food stays cold and essential equipment stays running. Talk to a generator expert at PowerMaster Electric today to discuss your options and what generators might meet your needs and budget.

We always install our generators with a transfer switch. The Electric Safety Foundations explains: “Transfer switches isolate utility power and generator power to prevent backfeeding, which can be deadly. Backfeed can follow wires and harm those nearby, including utility workers making repairs. Transfer switches also protect the home from electrical fires caused by short circuits and improper connections. Transfer switches should only be installed by a qualified electrician.”

Generac generator secured in the flood zone area of a Raleigh home, installed by PowerMaster Electrics

Generator Replacements

Is your generator not running like it used to? Costing more in fuel, having trouble starting or is just downright unreliable? It may be time to replace your current model with a newer one. PowerMaster Electric can discuss your family’s needs and recommend a variety of options that meet your power goals. Picking the right generator relies on a few factors like family size, your budget and overall needs. That is why we are here to help with a free phone generator consultation.

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