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Electrical Services

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Electrical Services
Your homes electrical system is extremely complex and one of the most important systems in your home. From the switch the turns the light on to the hot water heater that provides you hot water. Don’t leave your most important necessity to just anyone. When searching for a new electrical company here are a few things to keep in mind. Some electricians only do new construction or commercial work and use service calls as a filler between jobs. Sometimes this means you aren’t getting the most qualified person for the job.

Service work is quite different from typical new installation and needs a skilled hand that has been trained to repair and replace specific service issues. With PowerMaster Electric we have skilled service technicians that are here specifically to handle service calls. This ensures you are getting the right person for the job every time. Don’t guess when it comes to who keeps your electrical system in tip top shape. Leave it to the experts at PowerMaster Electric to perform your electrical services.

Our Electrical Services

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Electrical Installations

At PowerMaster Electric, we only use the highest quality equipment for any of our installation projects with our highly trained technicians. This means your new installation will go smooth and be the most reliable around.
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Electrical Maintenance

Having your electrical system maintained regularly prevents unexpected outages and protects your home. Keep your peace of mind knowing your electrical system is being maintained by the very best.
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Safety & Compliance

Your safety is our top priority, that is why PowerMaster Electric strictly adheres to and complies with electrical codes established by the NEC, National Electrical Code. If you are looking to make sure your electrical system is code compliant our team is ready to help. We are well versed and stay up to date on all current code regulations.
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Breaker Panels

Your breaker panel is the hub of your electrical system, make sure your breaker panel is functioning properly to avoid any future malfunctions or safety issues that could arise.


Do you have an emergency power source? If not, we can help! PowerMaster Electric can go over all of your generator options that fit your home and ensure a quick installation process.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Are you considering more energy efficient LED lighting? We have multiple LED lighting products for commercial and home use. Contact PowerMaster Electric today to go over your new lighting options.

Smoke and CO2 Detectors

Make sure your home is code compliant and safe with properly installed and working smoke and Co2 detectors. We can provide the proper equipment for residential and commercial use and can save lives and your property.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your outdoor space with added outdoor lighting by PowerMaster Electric. We can add that extra curb appeal you have been looking for!

Recessed Lighting

Add extra beauty and value to your home with affordable recessed lighting. We provide many lighting solutions for all sizes of homes.

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