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Electrical Contractor FAQs

These are the most common questions homeowners ask us about residential electrical services

Genstar Generator team member working to install a Generac Generator

When a breaker trips that means too much electricity is trying to pass through the circuit which has caused the breaker to trip. Having too much electricity pass through a circuit can cause the electrical wiring in your home to overheat which could lead to electrocution or a fire. PowerMaster Electric always recommends calling a licensed electrician if your circuit breakers trip easily and frequently.

Having bulbs that burn out sooner than expected could be many things, one of those being excessive voltage in the home. If this problem happens throughout the home and in different fixtures, we recommend having an electrician home measure the voltage in your home.

If you are experiencing loose plugs when plugging in your electrical devices, we recommend getting them replaced right away. Having a loose outlet can expose you to voltage, sparks, and additional electrical hazards.

Depending on the volume of the buzzing, if sparks are present and if the buzz is accompanied by a sizzling noise could mean many things. If your electrical panel is making odd noises, we always recommend having it looked it as these issues can be a safety hazard for your home and either needs repaired or replaced to run properly.

Yes, it is, but as always we recommend your new plug be swapped out by a professional.