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Security Lighting Installation

Extra Peace Of Mind With Security Lighting

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If you are considering adding extra outdoor lighting for security around your home or office, the team at PowerMaster Electric are ready to expertly examine your desired layout to optimize your security lighting installation for optimal results ensuring dark spots are illuminated properly all while ensuring your lighting is installed safely and properly during your installation appointment.

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Security Lighting Installation For Your Home

PowerMaster Electric are not only looking to enhance your homes safety but give you additional peace of mind knowing the exterior of your home is fully illuminated which highly discourages intruders. Not only does it add a layer of protection against intruders, but it also helps deter animals, which could come in handy if you have a garden or small animals outdoors.

According to the American Lighting Association: "stand alone security lighting is an additional and often necessary element for your home. Security lighting is purely functional. This lighting is needed when you want your exterior areas lit brightly to be able to see any activity going on in the yard and to eliminate shadows. This is the opposite effect we create with landscape lighting."

What To Know When Considering Installing Security Lighting

When considering adding lighting evaluate what parts of your yard are the darkest at night? What places aren’t well lit that leave your home vulnerable? Do you have specific places like an animal coop or garden you are looking to illuminate? These are all things the team at PowerMaster Electric will go over with you to ensure proper installation of your security lighting system.

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