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At PowerMaster Electric, we pride ourselves in holding the highest standard in electrical services. We strictly abide by all national and local codes enforced by the National Electrical Code. Our extra care means our customers stay safe and have reliable electrical systems that protect your greatest investment, your home.

If you are looking to buy, sell or considering building a brand-new home, a proper electrical inspection is detrimental at understanding what you may be purchasing and making sure the home is safe. Some newly remodeled homes even have electrical systems that are outdated but not updated during the remodel and some are even dangerous.

Some older homes may not be up to code as the NEC is constantly updating their standards. Some homes that are up to code might not be able to handle to demand of power needed. These inspections are vital to ensure your home is powered properly, has enough power and is up to date on the most recent codes.

Local code enforcement boards inspect for compliance with the bare minimum. Our highly trained technicians are trained to comply with all state and local codes for your safety. We are trained to identify and correct to keep you and your property safe.

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To avoid overload where high wattage devices are used, there has to be a separate 20 amp branch circuit.

  • Proper GFCI receptacle are required
  • Receptacle must be within 3 feet of the edge of a sink basin
  • Receptacles are not permitted face up on countertops

Basic Rooms

  • One wall receptacle every 12 feet
  • There should be a receptacle on any wall that is more than 24 inches wide
  • If you have a hallway more then 10 feet in length it must have a receptacle


  • Receptacles on countertops have to be GFCI
  • No receptacles more then 20 inches above countertop (unless handicapped)
  • Face-up receptacles aren’t permitted
  • One receptacle has to be located on an island or peninsula if possible

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Electrical Inspections

Most home electrical inspections are fast and very affordable. Make sure you have your inspection performed by a qualified electrician before selling, buying, remodeling or building a home to ensure that your electrical system Is operating at peak performance. Our expert technicians also offer whole home rewiring and evaluation to make sure you are in compliance with local codes. and evaluation of your circuits to ensure compliance to code and the safe delivery of electrical current within your home.

According to the Electric Saftey Foundation: “Contact with electricity is a leading cause of workplace injuries and fatalities, but many of these deaths can be prevented by ensuring qualified electrical workers perform all electrical work”

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