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Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Can Your Electrical Panel Can Handle Your Power Demand?

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Handling your circuit breaker panel can be dangerous, time consuming and confusing. You hear odd noises; your breakers keep getting tripped when using more power or you smell burning are all signs of a deeper power issue with your panel.

According to the National Fire Protection Association: "Electrical failures or malfunctions were the second leading cause of U.S. home fires in 2012-2016". This is just another reason not to put off your panel upgrades.

Let the professionals at PowerMaster Electric evaluate your electrical panel and determine if panel upgrades are needed to ensure your system runs smoothly and safely. With more electrical devices being used than ever before your homes panel may not be able to handle the demand that is being put on it.

What Electrical Panel Upgrades Do We Provide?

Your electrical panel is a very essential part of your home. It powers your entire electrical system which is why making sure yours is running properly is important. The electrical panel is complex and is why having a trained professional look at your panel is highly recommended.

Restoration of Breakers
Breaker Replacement
New Fuse Box

What Service Do You Need?

Breaker Box

Most modern homes no longer have fuse boxes, we recommend upgrading to a new and up to code circuit breaker, regardless of problems.

Circuit Breakers

Consistent circuit breaker problems? We recommend replacing your circuit breakers.
PowerMaster Electric can evaluate your current breakers to determine if they may be able to be restored. A money saving alternative to a complete replacement.
Breakers that trip consistently but have no other malfunctions may be a sign you have more power demand then your breakers can handle.

Why Choose PowerMaster Electric?

There are hundreds of electrical companies in the area, but why should you choose PowerMaster Electric? We turn our words into actions by assuring a great experience from start to finish, if not we will make it right no matter what it takes. We are honest and trustworthy, and we show this in our work, the way we speak to our customers and our pricing.

We don’t cut corners when hiring the best electricians or our work. We have the most highly trained team in the area who have been drug tested, background checked and licensed. Our electricians are only supplied with the highest quality products and equipment to make sure the job gets done right and stays that way for a long time.

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