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Circuit Breaker Installation

Reliable and Safe Power In Your Home

circuit breaker installation

Circuit breakers are one of the most important components in your homes electrical system. A proper circuit breaker prevents power surges, interruptions, and electrical fires. A faulty circuit breaker can trip frequently which can be the cause of an electrical fire and puts your appliances and devices at risk for costly surge repairs.

When the time comes to replace, PowerMaster Electric are your circuit breaker installation experts. With only the most extensively skilled electricians in the area, we are here to surpass your expectations. We meet the highest industry standards with our equipment and materials. Avoid a bad installation and let the professionals do it right the first time for a stress-free experience.

Our circuit breaker installations are guaranteed! Call us today at  (919) 557-3377 for more details!

Benefits Of Circuit Breaker Installation

Older circuit breakers aren’t meant to keep up with today’s demand. Most households have multiple devices and appliances hooked up at once using electricity. That’s why having your older circuit breaker replaced or updated is important to keeping all of your devices up and running without skipping a beat.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency: "It's critical that you call your utility company or qualified electrician immediately if you experience any of the following:

- Frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers
- A tingling feeling when you touch an electrical appliance
- Discolored or warm wall outlets
- A burning or rubbery smell coming from an appliance
- Flickering or dimming lights
- Sparks from an outlet"

These benefits also include:
Power surge protection
Prevents data loss from sudden power outages
Better, more consistent internet connection
Almost no risk of overload that can cause electrical fires

What Makes PowerMaster Electric Different?

We aren’t like every other electrician because we care! At PowerMaster Electric you will be treated like family every time. Everything we do is for our love of the community and the people in it. We promise to always uphold the highest ethical standards no matter what which is why we only have the best and most honest electricians working on your electrical system.

Our work is worth standing by, that is why we guarantee the best experience from start to finish. We stand behind our services and our technicians because they are the best in the business. Not 100% satisfied? Let us know and we will make things right no matter what.

Need circuit breaker installation? Have one of our fully licensed and trained electricians perform your install!

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